Hitoru Bot

Hitoru is an RPG bot that brings you to a world of survival that allow you to grow stronger based on your level and gear. You can have fun with it by battling enemies and even farming monsters. But that's not all. You can even gamble to earn a greater amount of money and even buy equipment! Equipment will make you stronger and harder to die in battles.

In order to buy equipment and have a better understanding of leaderboards, we have implemented a website to provide you with the best experience. We expect you to have fun with it, and of course if anything you can drop by to our support server and contact us with possible issues and/or suggestions on the official Hitoru guild

Monitor your character performance
Buy weapons and fight your battles
Gamble and get various drops


Command Explanation



STR (41)
CON (30)
DEX (27)
INT (24)
MEN (24)
WIT (14)


STR (37)
CON (35)
DEX (26)
INT (21)
MEN (26)
WIT (15)


STR (39)
CON (29)
DEX (36)
INT (25)
MEN (21)
WIT (10)


STR (19)
CON (26)
DEX (13)
INT (42)
MEN (35)
WIT (26)

Suppport us

The Hitoru-Bot project is supported by a team of two.
Helps us maintain our servers or get a cup of coffee!

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Who we are?

We are Hitoru-Bot. Just for fun!

What information do we collect?

We collect your user name when you login on our site. We also collect your guild name, in case you registered your guild to Hitoru.

How do we use personal information?

Just for user display reasons.

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Send us an email

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